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Control your Dune HD media player with your iPad, iPhone or Android device.
Get an automated catalogue of your movies and music.
... and so much more.

  • "I am rediscovering my movie collection and use my Dune so much more now." - User review
  • "Thank you VERY much for your app. I love how smooth the YouTube function is working. The Dune is already aweswome and you made it even better." - User review
  • "All in all it is the best thing for music for me at the moment" - User Review

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    Catalogue your movies and music albums

    Get a nice up to date list of all your movies and music albums.
    You can view a simple list or browse movie posters, overviews, actors, ...

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    DunePad automatically updates your catalogues

    Tell DunePad once where your media files are on your network, harddiscs, nas or shared PC(s) and it will build your catalogue.
    If you add some movies or music, just hit refresh in the app and your new files will be visible in your catalogue with some nice artwork and information, no more turning on the PC, scraping, indexing, exporting etc.

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    Truely Portable

    DunePad is completely device independent, it runs on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Mac and even Pc's.
    It is truely portable in that you don't need a connection to your Dune to consult your lists, you even don't need internet. You won't buy that great movie for a second time anymore, you always carry your collection with you in your smartphone.

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    No TV needed to listen to music

    Just pick up your tablet or phone laying around, choose what you like in your music collection and hit Play.
    Oh, and now you can search for a following song while the Dune is playing.

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    Designed for easy use

    User friendliness is very important to us. Listening to your music and selecting a movie to watch should be simple and easy.
    Don't browse through several harddiscs and directories anymore, just choose what you want to watch or listen to in one list with your full catalogue and hit Play.

    The basic version is free to use. If you want more you can get the full DunePad Premium experience for a donation to the project.