Installation instructions

To make DunePad work, you need to do some installation stuff (sorry!).
Bare with us, we tried to make it as easy as possible, and you need to do this only once.

  1. Install the DunePad plugin on your Dune device.
    Download the plugin here  put it on a USB stick and execute the file on your Dune (do not extract the zip file).
  2. Android app
      Download the app on your smartphone or tablet from the google play store :
      Install, open the app and it will show you a login screen.
    Chrome, Safari, iOS
      Open the DunePad webapp on your smartphone, tablet or PC with this link :
      Install a shortcut of the app on your phone, tablet using the ‘send-to home screen’ browser button.
  3. Register a user name and password and fill in the IP address of your player.
    (the IP address can be found in the menu Setup > Network on your Dune player. Make sure to use a fixed IP)
  4. Show DunePad where the directories with your collection of movies and music albums are.
    Use the “Browse” tab in the app, go to the directories and use the “send to” button in the upper-right corner.
    (You need to do this only once. When you later add films or music on your hard drives, just use the refresh button on the “Movies” or “Music” catalogue page and your list will be up to date. It really is that easy.)
  5. Now wait a minute or two while DunePad adds your movies and music to your personal catalogue and fetches some information and pictures for them.